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Extensions that were broken have since been fixed. As with Multimedia Fusion 2 , the editor is split up into various interfaces, used in order to modify different aspects of applications or games. This is the complete version of the software, including a runtime that permits you to distribute credit-free, royalty-free. It also allows the use of Developer only extensions. The user will see a purple logo. Users who purchase this product will see a red logo.

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 - Steam

A freeware version of Fusion 2. The user is allowed to distribute any creations they create, and it forces a splash when the exported HTML5 application is ran. Users of this product will see a silver logo. While all editions of the product share the same interface, the Developer version has more features and capabilities as well as the royalty, logo and credit free Runtime Agreement and the Free version only works with the limited HTML5 exporter and has other limitations.

An exporter enables a user to build an application or game to a different platform. These can be optionally purchased and allow developing for more than one platform the default being Windows or Mac, depending which editor you purchased. Due to heavy roots with Microsoft Windows , it is not technically possible for a native port of the editor.

Instead, Fusion is bundled inside a Wine wrapper powered by WineSkin. The exporters available today work on the Mac version with minimal fuss. Press image demonstrating the interface. Integrated Unicode , HWA and language support. Faster loops. Multiple Touch Object has gesture recognition. On MacOS you do not need to install a specific driver, unlike Windows.

Clickteam Fusion on Steam

Otherwise you have to download it and install it manually. Click the link to download LAME and download the libmp3lame-win-xxx. Right-click on the Clickteam Fusion 2.

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All rights reserved. CF allows creating Windows applications. Additionally, due to hundreds of available extensions, the process is quick.

With the Developer edition of the product, there are absolutely no limits or requirements when selling your creations. You are free to make as much money as you want this applies to the Standard edition too , and you don't have to include any logos or credits in your creations. Click Fusion has a great selection of extensions submitted by the community.

Gem Fusion Games

The extensions cover a variety of game-building tasks including parsing of strings using up to two alternating delimiters using the "Tokenizer Object", generating random numbers without reusing them from multiple lists which can be refilled and distinctively replenished with the "Random Multipool Object" among others.

If you buy Fusion 2. A great community in Spanish where you will receive all the help you need to solve your doubts and problems. You'll also find all kinds of resources and materials in Spanish. An excellent compromise between ease of use, power, flexibility and ability to export to different platforms.

Easy to learn for beginners with the ability to make complex things, of course, at the expense of a larger effort.

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer Description & Overview

Good rapid application development tool for making 2D games. Any time you have a question or a problem, the community and the software developers are there to help you out either on forums or steam. The devs repond quickly to private messages or instantly on ClickConverse chat. Additionally, many users have support sites with open source examples and tutorials.

Clickteam holds user conventions for customers to come along, meet the staff and hang out with people who they've met online.

Full Specifications

This furthers the community spirit which is so prevalent around Clickteam's products and it's a fantastic weekend. There is no 'easy button' program that will make a good game for you with no hard work, and this software is no exception to that, but it does make the process easier.

With the option of coding in either a spreadsheet style editor or a list style editor, the event based programming language reads more like English than traditional programming languages. This has made it ideal for me as I have a very hard time understanding traditional programming.