Rome total war 2 mac pro

Does Rome II on Mac run well? I have the newest generation of Mac Book Pro, but it was removed from the app store and only on steam so i was wondering if the Mac port was still worthwhile. Like, if you drop the graphics down to the lowest setting. I bought Rome 2 right when it came out.

Rome Total War 2 for the Mac!

Literally unplayable. In order for the game to function I had to keep the graphics so low it was painful to play. I have MBP , it works fine I think on med, but it's been a while. As noted by others, Atilla is worse.

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That said, it's playable for me so it should be better for you. In case anyone is finding this thread for advice; I'm playing it on a macbook pro on steam and apart from the delay in updates for mac and can't play the most recent couple of dlc it plays it okay. Can run it on high graphics with a medium fps unless there's a lot going on.

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Rome: Total War originally came out for the PC in Though the game is almost six years old, Mac gamers can finally enjoy this Roman gem, thanks to Feral. Thankfully, a well-thought out tutorial and handy in-game guide will give you plenty of advice and walk you through the more complex elements of the game so that one day you may become Caesar. Rome: Total War is a rare hybrid of turn-based and real-time strategy that actually gives each genre its proper due. When your armies engage in battle, the game changes into a real time strategy game.

The larger world map is full of naval ships, roads, terrain, army icons, and settlements.

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You can see how much money each settlement is bringing in, how well your city is growing, and how loyal your city is due to handy icons on each settlement; what buildings you build, what tax rate you set, and how many troops you camp there will affect these stats. More troops will quiet a riot while buildings like sewers and public baths will make the people healthier. Arenas will grant entertainment bonuses to your cities, making them happier. On the battlefield, Rome: Total War becomes a pretty run-of-the-mill real-time strategy game.

You can zoom in to see your troops up close or zoom out for a larger view. The camera controls are a bit wonky—you can rotate the camera by putting your mouse on the edge of the screen, follow units on the map, or use the mini-map to jump to different points on the battlefield—but I still wanted to scale the view larger so I could see everything during especially epic battles.

Conventional Steps to Uninstall Rome Total War Gold Edition 1.4.2 for Mac

While zooming in will let you see how your troops are doing, up close you'll see how dated Rome's graphics are. You can set their troop formation, enable special abilities, order attacks and withdrawals. One thing Rome: Total War really gets right is the sense of scale.

2015 Macbook Air Total War: Rome 2 Gaming Test Experience HD6000

More than any game I've ever played, you really feel like you're building an empire brick by brick. Not every part of it is glamorous, of course dealing with rioting peasants and moving your troops around can get tedious , but the game deserves credit for being a strikingly immersive strategy game. You'll spend hours raising troops and waging war to try to knock off an upstart faction of barbarians and when you finally do, you'll feel a real sense of accomplishment. Then you'll enslave their population—because hey, you can.