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Software providing hardware virtualization for Mac computers with Intel processors. This software is purchased as an annual subscription. For order and support information for Parallels Desktop for Mac, click here to [ show ]. Options for connecting with SSL v3 depends on your computer operating system. For download and support information for PPS System, click here to [ show ].

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Sophos is no longer in use on UC computers. Please use SentinelOne anti malware.

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SPSS is a statistical analysis software program. SPSS is used to generate tabulated reports, charts, and plots of distributions and trends, descriptive statistics, and complex statistical analysis. Symantec sells computer security and imaging software for PC To purchase software or for more information about Symantec, click here to [ show ]. Run multiple operating systems at the same time on a single computer using virtualization.

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Hi I have Microsoft Powerpoint Viwer downloaded and my. I do not have Microsoft office. I have the files associated with the right extensions for all and still.. I put this program, Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer on right after I reforamatted my computer so no other pograms can be causing problems.

If I save the.

Please help. Not sure if this is a pps problem or not. A few times I have tried to watch a movie trailor or a commercial but all I get is the sound with not picture or movie. What can I do about this. It depends on what type they are, and what program you're using to view them.

Powerpoint seems to be running fine-I've done all the repair actions, assigned pps files to powerpoint as directed but it still won't work. The message is:. Ive downloaded the powerpoint viewer but when I go to run it the message "this is not a valid win32 application comes up" What do i do? I run XP and also have the SP2 installed.

To view PPS files after creating an association, simply save the file you are trying to open to a folder. Now click on the file you just saved and it will open.

There is an old powerpoint viewer for Mac. Just search for "powerpoint viewer mac" on the Microsoft. If that doesn't work, I'd look into getting OpenOffice free and using it's "Impress" program, which claims to be able to work with PowerPoint files. I googled power point.. I have XP SP2. It turned out that I was trying to open a link.

Each sender was forwarding? I stumbled on this by almost by accident. Something to look for. I've just downloaded PowerPoint Viewer is this the latest version? Create an association in the Folder Options Control Panel. What else do I have to do to view my email attachment? I'm trying to think of anything I can to be able to read the pps file emailed to me.

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Any help would be appreciated. I did not try Ramesh's solution as it seemed to be beyond my ablility Thanks I have found other solutions on your site. What am I missing? Please reply No way to know without knowing what happens when you try. Am helping a friend configure new Vista laptop. Downloaded and installed PP Viewer after receiving error message trying to open a.

Created association. Still doesn't work. Answers here seem only to address XP, not Vista. I used to have power point and had to redo my computer, now everytime I download power point it don't work I had a site from iowa state university that had it and that 1 worked for me and now can't find that either I use it in outlook express ty. For those of you who have Open Office, it opens. No reason to install the Powerpoint viewer Using Vista.

Have Office and PP Viewer installed and updated. I get my emails via Outlook Express. It's not opening any. I have to first save the attachment, and then Powerpoint viewer will open it from the folder where it's been downloaded to. But will not open directly from Out Express.

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Just weird. Will try Open Office, as suggested above. Save the. Point to the icon for the powerpt. Right click and choose open with. Power point Viewer.

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When Power Point Viewer is not on the list, we must Browse for pptview. At the bottom of the Dialogue screen is a request for the file name. Copy and paste the full path to the file name, pptview. I have installed MS power point viewer and Cannot open. PPS files in my e-mail [windows mail]. When I try to open I get the following messages: The selected file has an extension[. When I hit retry button the following message appears: Windows Media Player cannot play file.

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The player might not support codec that was used to compress this file. I do not have MS Office. Can you help??? Hi,I have downloaded powerpoint viewer several times. Having to save and double click are too many extra steps. Can you please assist? Same problem as Ed Ryan; in Windows Mail Vista I cannot open an attached pps or ppt file; I have to first save it to the desktop and open it there using the viewer. Is there no way to open it directly within Windows Mail?

Power Point Viewer has been installed, but still can not open. At this point, the "Application used Make sure file name and path are correct". At this point, I need further help. Absolutely right on advice. Have been trying to read and solve this problem for over a week. This solved my problem in less than two minutes. Tried to save them to the desktop, but that didn't work either.

Message is:. Using Vista, can't open. Any help would be appreciated - this is so frustrating! I also am using Vista and can't open. Next, click on "Start", then in the shaded area, click on "Default Programs". On the window that opens, click on "Set your defauld program".