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In here, activate USB debugging. Many smartphones are set to use the USB cable only for charging by default. This is intentional, so your files are invisible to the user of the connected computer. Pull down the notification from the top of the screen of the smartphone while it is connected to your computer. From here, press on the USB connection type. We found success with both options.

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Click on the line displaying your device, and then click Install. This should install the appropriate ADB drivers for your smartphone. If you have problems, you need to open the Device Manager , delete existing entries with your smartphone and repeat the installation.

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Now we want to make use of the ADB drivers. Unpack the archive and open the SDK Manager. Wait ten seconds, until the right window see above opens. Note : repeat this procedure if ADB Tools begins to misbehave at any point.

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Next, open up the new platform-tools folder in the previously extracted folder. Hold shift and right click anywhere in the white space of this folder and click Open a command window here. With your smartphone connected via USB to your computer, type in the command window adb devices.

Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot (All Versions)

On your smartphone, you will see a warning message bottom-right image. Once you have enabled USB debugging on your device and allowed it from the computer pictured above , you device should appear in the device list within the command window. Firstly, they eliminate the hassle of drivers. Secondly, the ADB tools keep themselves up to date thanks to simple package management systems. Linux users need to look in the package system for android-platform-tools and install it.

Subsequently, the ADB tools should be defined globally, so you are able to use the following ADB commands in the command line. In practice, the results are unreliable. Not all apps allow for an ADB backup, meaning you might need to find an alternative method. Here you can see the device identifier and the status.

Once it is in this mode, you can communicate with the device via the fastboot command. More complex installations, such as those of Custom ROMs, however, are done through the fastboot interface.

How to install ADB and Fastboot | AndroidPIT

This package has been maintained since a very long time and have been regularly updated. We have listed below all the versions of Minimal ADB and Fastboot so you can download whichever you want. However, we would always suggest you to go for the latest release as ADB and Fastboot come with backawards compatiblity. This toolkit is only available for the Windows platform. Step 4 — Once you have chosen where to install it to and if you want to create a Start Menu Folder select the Install option.

You should now see a command window open as the screenshot above , with the command window open you can now issue ADB and Fastboot commands to your device. This is useful if you want to check about an older release what was added or changed in it. Credits: shimp XDA-Developers. Please note that we can guarantee the success if you make sure that you follow each step with caution. There are two methods each for downloading and installing ADB and fastboot on Windows and Linux based on adding it to either the Operating System path or a specific directory.

In the first method, we will attempt to add the ADB and fastboot to the Windows Path so that you can access the tools from anywhere in the terminal. Method 1 allows you to run adb tools from any directory by adding it to the Windows path variables. Double click on PATH and click browse for to look for the adb folder. Note that when you click browse, make sure that nothing is kept selected. If for any highly unlikely reason both the methods provided gets messed up so that you cannot use ADB and fastboot, these steps let you download and install ADB and fastboot in Windows.

Note that this requires accessing the terminal from that directory for the process to work. Similarly, the first method lets you access the tool from practically any directory of the terminal. This is done by adding ADB and fastboot to the Linux path.

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Just like the Windows method 1, this technique can allow you to run adb tools from any directory. NOTE: If you run into any errors, which is usually seen in bit computers, install these packages: glibc. This technique is a relatively new method so that you can install both with the use of command line tools.