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Step 5. There are several all new features in the latest macOS that have won me over. Fortunately, Apple fulfilled my wish. Mac How-to Tips. Jignesh Padhiyar. Sponsored Links.

macOS: How to Check Folder Sizes in Bulk

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Hands-on Video: Dhvanesh Adhiya. Got a tip for us? Let us know a. Send us an email b. Anonymous form close x. When you use Finder's List view to work with files on your Mac, a glance at the Size column tells you the size of each file, but when it comes to folders in the list, Finder just shows a couple of dashes instead. Finder skips showing folder sizes because calculating them takes time — if several folders contained thousands of files, working out the total size would likely slow down your Mac. So while omitting this information can get annoying, it does ensure file browsing in Finder stays snappy.

But what if you want to use List view and still keep an eye on the size of a handful of folders in a specific location — in Documents, for instance, or in a directory synced to a cloud storage service? It might not be obvious, but thankfully it is possible to make Finder calculate folder size when navigating items as a list. Finder will now remember your viewing preference for that particular location only.

macOS: How to Check Folder Sizes in Bulk - The Mac Observer

If you're looking for a more global solution for keeping tabs on folder sizes that will work in any Finder view mode, you might consider enabling the Preview panel. In the Preview panel, the size of the selected folder always appears immediately below the folder name.

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To be honest though, relying on the Preview panel to keep a check on individual folder sizes isn't a great use of Finder window space. Opening a separate Get Info panel lets you see the size of the item in question, regardless of whether it's a file or a folder. The only problem with a Get Info panel is that it only relates to the item you originally selected it for, and every new panel that you open for each additional selected item will hang around on your desktop until you close it manually.

Fortunately, this inconvenience can be easily solved: Unlike a Get Info panel, the Inspector panel is dynamically updated and will always display information for the active Finder window's currently selected file or folder — including, of course, its size. Related Roundup: Top Rated Comments View all. But after zooming in, disappointment followed: Another fundamentally essential useful feature gone. What is it that is gone? I thought quick folder sizing was supposed to be an APFS thing? I guess I didn't notice it wasn't integrated into that column. Such a waste.

I use a PC at work and was stunned by this Crazy idea: TotalFinder enables this. From your link: I will upvote any OS9 or earlier screenshot, no matter what. That's correct. You're not supposed to just press Command V though. Let's take a look at what I originally wrote. So now you try it again. I'll walk you through it. Select a file or folder. Press Command C. Now go to another folder of your choosing and hit Command Option V.

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Not Command V. No, that's wrong.

How To Show File and Folder Info in Finder

Press Command Option V. The file or folder will move instead of being copied.